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In Memoriam


Pierre Jacques Thoreau de la Salle (affectionately known to his close friends as Pitou)

I cannot think of a better way of honoring the life of my beloved husband, best friend, lover, and soul mate than by sharing some of the touching comments I have received from those who knew him and loved him best. Here are just a few: 

“I'm so devastated...what a lovely, lovely man. I have nothing but fond memories of gorgeous Pitou.”

“He was really great---so kind, so gentle, always interesting, always the perfect gentleman.” 

“I am so sad. I loved Pitou.” 

“Pitou was a very special human being.” 

“If someone didn’t like Pitou, something was wrong with them.” 

“He had such a great influence on me. I will think of him, our friendship, times together often. What a HUGE life. I feel blessed and lucky to have known him.” 

“Dashing Pitou, silver fox, prince of Mammoth, raconteur, wit, bon vivant, quintessential cranky French guy, old school to the last...I'll miss you with him.” 

“Pitou was such an amazing man...I can still hear his laugh right as I'm writing this note.” 

“…so gentile, so attentive, really one of the nicest persons.” 

“I admired him for his sense of humour, his good looks, his overall unique personality. He was the coolest on earth. Guys like him are an endangered species! I will miss him…” 

Live in peace, my beloved, for I know that you have not died. 
You are in a thousand winds that blow,
The softly falling snow,
The gentle showers of rain,
The fields of ripening grain.

You are in the morning hush, 
In the graceful rush
Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
You are the starshine of the night.

You are in the flowers that bloom, 
In a quiet room,
You are in the birds that sing,
You are in each lovely thing.

But mostly, my love, you are in my heart and in Devon’s, 
Where we shelter you, even as you soar without us.

“Live, Love and LAUGH” 
Pierre de la Salle
July 12, 1925 – November 12, 2011

For a Glimpse into Pitou's Extraordinary Life, Click on his Photo, Below

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