Beautiful Riddle                         

                                                    The Strange Case of   Suzy Parker

Dorian Leigh



No website on Suzy Parker would be complete without a page on her famous sister, Dorian Leigh.  Without Dorian, Suzy would have never become a model let alone a "supermodel."  In fact, there are some who contend that it is Dorian who was the first to acquire this moniker-- among them, Jerry Ford, co-founder  with his wife, Eileen, of the Ford Modeling Agency, who will not hesitate to tell you that "Dorian Leigh was the greatest model who has ever lived."  Quite a tribute, given the models Jerry and Eileen have brought to the forefront of celebrity status.

Fifteen years older than Suzy, it was on Dorian's coattails that Suzy rode when she began her career back in 1947- when nobody believed that she had what it takes.  Nobody except Dorian, that is. But then, Dorian was a force in Suzy's life in more ways than one, as you will see if you read Beautiful Riddle.

Perhaps more than any other person, Dorian was the catalyst for the triumphs and the tragedies of Suzy's life.  Richard Avedon said it best when he stated:

“Suzy is a reaction to Dorian and Dorian is an invention.”



Here are a few of her more famous pictures

The Best is Yet to Come
Frank Sinatra


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