Beautiful Riddle                         

                                                    The Strange Case of   Suzy Parker

Cloak and Swagger

Secret Agent Suzy Parker
"Cloak and Swagger"

In  late 1962, fashion photographer Melvin Sokolsky snapped a series of classic shots of Suzy as she spoofed the role of an undercover agent involved in high stakes espionage. The spread occurred  about the same time as the filming of the hilarious film "The Pink Panther," starring Peter Sellers and another favorite supermodel, the stunning Capucine. Enjoy these fabulous shots of Suzy as she bumbles to the music of Henri Mancini--
dressed to the nines, of course.

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" The Pink Panther"
Henri Mancini

Stills from
"Cloak and Swagger"

  The General, I was sure, had no suspicion that our meeting on
the Orient Express had been cunningly engineered.  His attention
was riveted on my sophisticated traveling suit, with heather-
brown shaker knit skirt and jacket, and fine knit blue sweater. 

The military secrets seemed within my grasp when he leaned
toward me, eyes alight.  as I parted the portieres at the end of
the drawing room, my mobile, long white crepe dinner gown,
boldly belted and bordered in black, moved fluidly about me.

Agent X3 was waiting for me in the back of the bookstore.  We
checked the microfilm, discussing our next move in muffled
voices.  Muffled, too, was my royal blue and green mohair
suit, with its cardigan jacket and smart detachable cowl scarf.

Suddenly I had the feeling I was being watched.  I tried to
brush away the fear, telling myself that it was only my two-
piece cocktail dress in black and gold brocade, with leg -o-mutton
sleeves and bell shape skirt, that was attracting attention.

Scarcely daring to breathe, I edged along the ledge, listening to the
scraping feet of the detective a few inches away.  Fluttering about
me was my three piece ensemble, with slim skirt, fitted long-
sleeved top, and matching skirt-length cape, with a hood collar.

I was sorely tempted to yield to the pilot's plea that I escape
with him and the documents.  But the job wasn't finished, so
in the end, I waved good-by, wearing my red Melton gendarme
cape, asymmetrically buttoned over a matching dress.

Back in the General's private office, I had just uncovered the
missing papers when I heard the steel door swing open.

I was trapped, in my fabulous floor length evening jumper of
herringbone tweed and pullover with its big convertible collar.

As we rode to the prison, I was warmed by the thought that the
documents were safe -- also by my belted Emba mink polo coat.

I threw myself on the mercy of the court.  Could they,
in justice, condemn me in my gray worsted beaver trimmed suit?


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