Beautiful Riddle                         

                                                    The Strange Case of   Suzy Parker

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There was much more to her than met the eye.

Ne Me Quitte Pas
Sylvie Touson 

Ne Me Quitte Pas
Sylvie Touson

Do Nothing 'til You Hear From Me 
Boz Scaggs

It's All In the Game
Tommy Edwards


Between 1950 and 1960, Suzy Parker’s face appeared on the pages of more magazines than any other woman’s in the history of fashion photography.  In that decade, she helped sell more than $140 billion worth of cigarettes, liquor, cosmetics, clothing, soaps, perfume, and other glamour products.  She was the first fashion model to break the $100,000 wage ceiling, and the first to demand $100 per hour for a shoot, often consisting of fifty-seven minutes of listening to mood altering jazz while sipping champagne and no more than three minutes of fluttering camera shutters.  The “It Girl” of the Fifties; undeniably the first “supermodel,” a title that many who have followed her have attempted to appropriate unsuccessfully; dubbed by Christian Dior “the most beautiful woman in the world,” she was THE fashion icon of her era.  And, through it all, she was married to my husband, Pierre "Pitou" de la Salle.
Beautiful Riddle is their story, unvarnished, brutally honest, both glamorous and exciting, yet tragic. This is the true story of Suzy Parker during her heyday of the "Fabulous Fifties," as told to me by the one person who knew her best, who was at her side throughout the entire decade, who lived with her and loved her, and came to understand the demons that eventually destroyed her.

Bérénice de la Salle

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